Block Domains to Appear in Google Search Results in Chrome

When you search Google for a word or a phrase, all the time some websites dominate the search results. If you do not like them to appear in the search results list, then you can block them in the Google Chrome browser using Personal Blocklist. The Personal Blocklist is a Chrome browser extension which lets you block a domain/host in the Google search results. Here is how you can use the Personal Blocklist :

  1. Visit Personal Blocklist extension page in your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the blue Install button to install the Snow extension.

    Personal Blocklist extension

  3. It will prompt you for confirmation. Click on Install to proceed.

    Install Blocklist extension

  4. As soon as you install the Personal Blocklist extension, you are ready to use it. Just search Google for any word or phrase, and you would find an extra link under every search result to block that domain name as shown. I have highlighted all the blocking links in order to show you.

    Block a domain name

  5. To block a domain name, just click on the block link shown under that domain’s link in the Google search results. The result would be hidden immediately from the search results list and would be blocked in future as well.
  6. What if later you want to un-block a domain/host from your personal blocklist? You can click on the Personal Blocklist icon to the right side of the Chrome omnibar (location bar). You would see a list of blocked domains pop out.

    Unblock or edit a domain name

  7. You can choose to unblock a domain name by clicking on the Unblock link in front of it. You can also edit the blocked domain name by clicking on the Edit link in front of it. Do not forget to hit the Save button after editing a domain name.

It is evident that Google cares a lot about the users who use Google as their primary search engine. In order to improve the search results, Google has put forward the Personal Blocklist extension. This extension is surely going to help you in getting the right search results.