Securely Shred Files Using Moo0 FileShredder

Even after a file is deleted from the hard disk, Windows only removes its entry from the file table but the actual data remains there. This data can be recovered easily by using a specialized tool like Recuva. If you want to completely shred you documents and files so they become completely unrecoverable, then you can use Moo0 File Shredder. Moo0 FileShredder lets you easily erase your private / secret files perfectly off your HDD.

You can download the Moo0 FileShredder from The download is in the form of an setup installer. The download file size is around 3 MB. Double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation. At the end of the installation the FileShredder window will open up.

Moo0 FileShredder

You can choose a shredding method from the drop down listbox labeled Method. You can choose from four different methods – Vaporize, Into Ashes, Extra Carefully and Shred Once. The Vaporize method is the most secure and takes the most time. The Shred Once method is least secure but is very quick.

Moo0 FileShredder - Shredding Methods

Once you have selected a shredding method, you can securely erase a file or folder just drag any file or folder on this window. The Moo0 FileShredder would ask you for a final confirmation. Choose Yes to continue. After you choose Yes the dropped file or folder will be erased using the selected method.

Moo0 FileShredder - Confirmation

While the file is being shredded, you can see the progress bar at the bottom of the window. You can also press the Cancel button to stop the shredding process anytime. Once the progress bar reaches 100%, the file becomes unrecoverable and you cannot cancel or undo the shredding.

Moo0 FileShredder - Cancelling

The Moo0 FileShredder is a great tool for completely destroying files and folders. Its drag and drop interface makes is very easy to use for everyone.