Automatically Lock Windows 7 After Being Idle

For the security reasons, it is a great idea to lock your computer before you get up from your desk. You do not want anyone else to access your computer behind your back. But even better is the idea to automatically lock your computer after it is idle for a specified number of minutes. Imagine you got up from your desk for a moment without locking your computer and got engaged in some time consuming task. If you have set your computer to lock automatically, then you do not have to worry – it gets auto-locked! This is how you can enable Windows 7 to automatically lock your computer after a specified number of minutes :

  1. Right-click anywhere on your Windows 7 desktop and select Personalize from the right-click menu.

    Automatically lock Windows 7

  2. In the Personalization window that opens, click on the Screen Saver icon at the bottom-right corner as shown.

    Open Screen Saver Settings in Windows 7

  3. In the Screen Saver Settings window, check the checkbox labeled On resume, display logon screen. Then select the number of minutes in the Wait spin-box after which your Windows 7 computer would be locked.

    Set Windows 7 to lock computer

  4. You do not have to select any Screen Saver for this to work. Click OK to save the settings.