Enable Secure HTTPS Only Browsing for Twitter

Following the footsteps of Google and Facebook, Twitter has also given an option to the users to always browse through secure HTTPS connection. When you visit a web site through the HTTPS connection, the data transfer to and from that site becomes encrypted. This way any middle-man (like your ISP) cannot eavesdrop on what you post on Twitter. Here is how you can make Twitter always use the HTTPS connection :

Twitter with HTTPS Connection

  1. Visit http://twitter.com/settings/account in your web browser. You might have to login to your Twitter account if you have not already logged in.
  2. Scroll down and check the checkbox labeled Always use HTTPS. as shown.

    Open Twitter Account Settings

  3. Click on the button Save to save the settings. You would see a password entry box popup. Enter the password and click on the Save changes button to finalize the saving og account settings.

    Always use HTTPS for Twitter

  4. You would be able to immediately use the Twitter web site using the secure HTTPS connection.