Scan Suspicious Files Using avast! Online Scanner

If you download a suspicious looking file over the internet, or you suddenly find a strange program on your computer, then you can always scan it using the free avast! online scanner and find out if it is infected. The avast! online scanner lets you upload a single file and gives you the results in few seconds. You can upload many files zipped together in single ZIP archive. The total size of the file being uploaded should not exceed the 16MB size limit.

To start scanning open the avast! Online Scanner web page at in your web browser. You will find a simple upload form – a Choose file button and a Scan file button.

avast! online scanner

Click on the Choose file button and choose the file to scan for. If you want to scan more than one file, then put them together in a ZIP archive and choose that ZIP file instead. Type in the Captcha code and click the Scan file button after selecting the file.

After few seconds, you would see the results. The infected files are marked with a red cross mark and the malware name is written under them. The clean files are marked with a red check mark.

avast! online scanner

If the file you uploaded turns out to be infected then you should get rid of it. It is also a good idea to download and install a full antivirus software like the free avast! antivirus to protect yourself in future.

avast! Online Scanner is a free and easy to use tool to check any suspicious files and documents for malware before you try to run or open them. If you already have an antivirus software installed on your system, then you can always have a second opinion by using the avast! Online Scanner.