Create a Backup of Tweets using TweetBackup

If you are a very creative tweeter (a person who posts tweets on twitter), then you would want to create a backup of your tweets. The backup would be your own personal archive of what your tweet. You can have this archive published as a book and gift it to your grandchildren. Or you can look at your tweets years later and smile. Here is how you can create a backup of your tweets for free using TweetBackup :

  1. Visit the webpage.
  2. Click on the Signup Now Using Twitter button at the bottom.

    TweetBackup to backup your Tweets

  3. This would take you to the authorization page to authorize TweetBackup to access your Twitter account. Click on the Authorize button to authorize TweetBackup.

    TweetBackup to backup your Tweets

  4. Once the sign-up process is finished, you can login to the TweetBackup site using your Twitter credentials. You can click on the View Posts to see the backed up posts from your Twitter profile.

    TweetBackup to backup your Tweets

  5. In the Export section you can export and download the backed up tweets in HTML, CSS or TXT format.

    TweetBackup to backup your Tweets

  6. If later you decide not to use the TweetBackup service just delete your TweetBackup account in the Settings section.

The free TweetBackup service fetches your tweets daily and backups them up. It can only backup your past 3200 tweets due to a Twitter API limitation. But it can backup all of your tweets from the moment you signup. So why not backup your Tweets and save the tweeting memories for your future generations.

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