Generate Witty Facebook or Twitter Status with Generatus

Are you tired of seeing others posting a witty and smart status update on their facebook or twitter page? Do people call your facebook and twitter status updates boring? Worry no more, Generatus is here to save your day. With Generatus you can generate witty, smart and funny status updates ready to be used in your facebook or twitter page. Here is how :

  1. Visit the webpage.
  2. Type in your name or nickname which you use in facebook or twitter. Then choose if you are a boy or girl (the status updates are generated accordingly).

    Facebook and Twitter Status Generator

  3. Finally click on the Generate button to start generating the status messages. You can copy-paste these status messages in your facebook or twitter page.

    Facebook and Twitter Status Generator

  4. If you want to generate something specific to a certain category like madness, age or anger etc., then click on the Tag Cloud and choose a tag. After this all the status messages that you generate would be from this selected tag category.

    Facebook and Twitter Status Generator

  5. Later on you can remove this tag filter by clicking on the Remove under the Tag Filter field.

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