How to Close a Windows Live Account

Windows Live offers many services in one account like Hotmail, Messenger, Skydrive etc. If you are not using these services or you have more than one Windows Live account, then it is better that you close your Windows Live account. You can close and drop your Windows Live account very easily. This will close your account access including Hotmail, Messenger, Skydrive etc. Here is how you can close a Windows Live account :

  1. Visit the webpage. Login to your Windows Live account if needed.
  2. This page shows your Windows Live account information like account ID’s, password reset information etc. Scroll down and you would find a link Close your account under Other Options category.

    Close Windows Live Account

  3. You would be shown a confirmation page where you have to enter your account password to confirm that you really want to close the account. Type in your password and click on the Yes button to confirm and proceed with closing the account.

    Close Windows Live Account

There is another way to have your account closed – just do not use it. Windows Live account is automatically closed if you do not use it for a considerable amount of time (after 360 days of inactivity). So if you just do not use for more than a year, the account would be closed automatically.