E-mail Big Files Using LargeDocument Free Service

Many times we feel helpless, when trying to send big files like high-resolutions pictures or HD videos through e-mail attachments. Many of the email service providers limit the size of attachments. This is where LargeDocument.com free service comes in. Using LargeDocument you can email large documents without worrying about how large the files size is. The service is absolutely free and you do not have to create any account to use it.

To use the LargeDocument.com free service, just point your browser to http://www.largedocument.com/. You will find two buttons – Browse and Copy. Click on the Browse button to select the files you want to upload.

Large Document File Sharing

The files would start to be uploaded to the LargeDocument servers. You will be given download links even before the upload is finished. This way you can share links without having to wait for the upload to get finished. You can copy the download links by clicking on the Copy button. You can even open a new email message window with the download links already copy-pasted in the message body.

LargeDocument.com allows you to upload any knd of file regardless of type and size. Once you have uploaded the files, they can be accessed by anyone who has the links without providing any access password. The uploaded files are automatically deleted 90 days after uploading them.

In addition to being used directly through its web interface, the LargeDocument.com service can also be integrated with Gmail as a gadget, in Chrome browser as an extension and in Android based mobile phones as an app.

LargeDocument is a secure file transfer and sharing service which does not require any login information. You can send any number of high resolution photos and videos without having to worry about the email attachment limits. Large Document stores your files online in web accessible direct links. This is definitely an easy to use, headache-free file sharing service.