Wrap Mouse Movement Across Screen Edges with Free Edgeless

The movements of your mouse cursor are limited by the edges of your screen. The mouse cursor stops moving if you try to move it beyond an edge. Although this is the usual behavior and most of us have adapted to this behavior, yet some of us feel it as a burden to move the cursor from one edge to another. If you want, then you can make the edges of your screen wrap for the mouse movements, using freeware Edgeless. The free Edgeless software wraps the movement of your mouse cursor, so that if it crosses the top edge – it starts from the bottom edge; if it crosses the left edge – it starts from the right edge and so on.

You can download Edgeless from http://www.fxc.btinternet.co.uk/assistive.htm. The download is setup installer Edgeless2Setup.exe using which you can install Edgeless in Windows. After the installation, it runs by itself or you can run it from its Start Menu shortcut. You do not have to anything; as soon as it runs, you can start moving your mouse cursor across the edges and see that the movements are wrapped over the top and bottom edges; and the right and left edges.

You can selectively choose to enable mouse wrap for horizonal movement, vertical movement or both from the Edgeless notification area icon. Just right-click on Edgeless notification area icon and choose Wrap Options and then choose one of the wrap options. The changes take place immediately.

Wrap Mouse Movements with Edgeless

If you think that Edgeless has been very productive for you, then you can choose to let it automatically run at Windows startup. This way you do not have to run everytime you want to wrap the mouse movements across the edges. You can right-click on the Edgeless notification area and choose Run At Windows Startup.

If you are tired of playing around with moving your mouse cursor across the screen edges, then you would wonder how to stop it. You can just close the Edgeless program and the mouse wrap would be gone. To close Edgeless, right-click on the Edgeless notification area and choose Exit.

The Edgeless is a freeware and helps you make the mouse pointer to wrap around the screen edges, instead of stopping at the edges. It can be configured to start at Windows startup if required. So if you want to break free the mouse movements from the bounds of your screen edges, give Edgeless a try.