Recover Typed Form Text using Lazarus Form Recovery for Firefox

It has happened to all of us that the Firefox browser crashes after we have typed a huge amount of text in an online comment form. This is a very frustrating moment. Usually we have no other choice but to restart the browser, open that web page and start typing it all over again. But if you have the Lazarus add-on installed in your Firefox browser then you do not have to worry about these mishaps. Using the Lazarus add-on, you can recover lost forms data with a single click. Lazarus automatically encrypts and saves every form as you type. In the unfortunate moments when the submission fails or if you forget to send it or your computer or browser crashes, then you can return to the page and recover the form data you originally entered. Here is how :

  1. Visit in your Firefox browser. Click on the green colored button labeled Add to Firefox.

    Lazarus Form Recovery

    Follow the on-screen directions to complete the installation. You will have to restart the Firefox browser in order to activate this add-on.

  2. After restarting the Firefox browser, Lazarus is ready to protect your typed form data. Just open any web site where you have to type text into a form like comments at the end of this web page or a forum. You would see a Lazarus icon on the top-right corner of the text box which indicates that Lazarus is automatically backing up your typed data for each session.

    Lazarus Form Recovery

  3. After the browser craches, session is lost or some other event causing the loss of your typed data, just open that web page again. Go back to the form you want to recover, click on the Lazarus icon and select one of the text data from the list of backups. It will automatically fill that text form using the backed up data.

    Lazarus Form Recovery

  4. By default Lazarus does not encrypt forms and just anyone using your browser can recover the data you have typed. This is risky and may expose your personal information to others (if you share your computer with others). But Lazarus has a solution – you can change settings to encrypt the forms and protect it with a password. This way when you try to recover a form’s data, it would ask you for the password first. To set this option, open Lazarus settings and check the checkbox labeled Encrypt forms and require a password to restore text.

    Lazarus Form Recovery

    In the options window, you can also choose various other settings like whether to save passwords (not recommended), disable Lazarus on particular sites and expire the stored data in how many days etc.

Lazarus encrypts the form data using RSA and hybrid AES which are two of the most powerful ciphers. Lazarus is not only available for the Firefox browser, but also for the Chrome and Safari web browsers. Lazarus can save you from the frustration of typing the same data again in the same form. It is an extremely useful add-on for everyone who often submits comments on different web sites or visits online forums.

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