Apply Watermark to Your Photos with PicMarkr

Have you seen the photography work of professional photographers who capture vivid moments of everyday life. You must have noticed that they all watermark their images and write their website name or their own name at one corner of their photographs. The watermarking is necessary to give a certain level of protection to their photographs from being stolen over the internet by someone else. You may not be a professional photographer with an 18 megapixel camera but you can also watermark your photographs before you upload them to sites like facebook, twitter, picassa or flickr etc. You can use PicMarkr free service to easily watermark your pictures. Here is how :

The PicMarkr free online watermarking service does the job in three easy steps – upload your pictures, watermark them and then download the watermarked pictures. The process begins by uploading your pictures. You can upload pictures from your computer or you can use your pictures on facebook, flickr or picassa (you would have to give permission to PicMarkr to access your facebook, flickr or picassa accounts). If you seek to upload pictures from your computer, then you can upload only five pictures in one go. Just click on the Browse buttons and select pictures from your computer. When you have selected the pictures that you want to watermark, then click on the Ok! Go to Step 2.

PicMarkr : Watermark Pictures

In the second step, you have to specify the watermark and its settings. You can choose from three types of watermarks – text, image and tiles. The text watermark is a simple text watermark. You can specifiy the text, the colors and the position. The image watermark just acts as an overlay on the original picture. You can specify the watermark picture and its position on the original picture. The tiled watermark can be either a text or an image watermark – only it is tiled all over the original image. After choosing the watermark of your choice, click on the Continue button to proceed to the final step.

PicMarkr : Watermark Pictures

In the final step, the watermarked picture is available to download. If you want then you can directly upload the watermarked image to your facebook, flickr, picassa accounts. You can download the watermarked images to your computer by clicking on the Download images to your computer.

PicMarkr : Watermark Pictures

You can visit the PicMarkr web site at in your web browser.

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