Decorate Your Firefox with Browser Backgrounds Extension

When you open your Mozilla Firefox browser it shows a blank white tab if you have not set any homepage. You see the same blank white background tab if you try to open a new tab. This white background is very boring and dull looking. If you want to make the new tab look better, then you can decorate Firefox new tab background with the help of the Browser Backgrounds extension. The Browser Backgrounds extension allows you to install wallpaper in the Firefox window – a concept similar to installing wallpapers in the Windows desktop.

You can visit the Browser Backgrounds webpage on the Mozilla extensions web site and install this extension as you usually do. The browser would require restarting for the installation to finish. After the restart, you would see a green cube like icon in the extensions bar at the bottom of the Firefox window. You can right-click on this icon and choose Browser Backgrounds from the context-menu as shown.

Browser Backgrounds extension

Choosing the Browser Backgrounds from the right-click context menu would open the Browser Backgrounds gallery window where you can see various collections of installed backgrounds. Most of the wallpapers (backgrounds) that come pre-installed with Browser Backgrounds extensions are ugly (in my humble opinion). So you may want to delete all the collections and create your own collection. To delete a collection, just right-click on a collection and choose Delete. To create a new collection, click on the New Collection button in the Browser Backgrounds gallery window. Then click on the Add New to add new wallpaper files to your collection.

Browser Backgrounds extension

Now when you open a new tab in your Firefox browser, a random wallpaper (chosen from your installed Browser Backgrounds wallpapers) would be displayed instead of the dull looking white background. If you right-click on this displayed wallpaper, you can select many advanced options like the way wallpaper is displayed (the background size, the background color and the background position) etc.

Browser Backgrounds extension

The Browser Backgrounds extension is a very nice Firefox extension to help you customize the looks of your Firefox browser and make it look much more eye pleasing and enjoyable to use. You can install as many wallpaper backgrounds in it as you want, but if your computer has less than 1 GB of RAM (random access memory), then Firefox might slow down if you add more than fifteen wallpaper backgrounds in the Browser Backgrounds extensions at any given time.

The use of this Browser Backgrounds extension is limited only by your own creative ideas. For example, you can put some motivational quotes as wallpapers so each time you open your Firefox web browser, an inspiring quote is shown to boost your self confidence and motivate you throughout the day. Similarly, you can put some reminders as wallpapers. Another interesting idea is to use Firefox wallpapers to surprise someone on an anniversary day – just think about installing an personalized happy wedding anniversary wallpaper on the wedding anniversary in your spouse’s Firefox browser.

You can visit in your Firefox browser to install the Browser Backgrounds extension.

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