Cartoo : How Far Can You Ride in Your Car ?

Last Sunday, I was in my car thinking where should I go. I had around an hour to kill and I just wanted to enjoy driving around. I could not figure out where I should go but my friend Tony told me about this application called Cartoo which solved my problem. Cartoo is a free web based application which works with Google Maps and can tell you how far you can go in your car in a specified amount of time starting from a particular location. This is just great if you have some time to kill and you just want to drive around and have some fun.

Using the Cartoo application is extremely easy. Just visit the Cartoo site and enter the location of origin. You can also choose the mode of travel – by car, by bicycle or on foot. But travel by other modes than the car are just experimental and results may not be accurate. After specifying the location, you have to supply the maximum time that you have. Obviously, the maximum time cannot be zero – so you cannot leave this field blank.

Cartoo : How far can you ride in car

In a short amount of time, you would be shown an area marked with a red shaded polygon around the original location that you selected. The boundaries of this polygon show the places where you can travel to in the specified amount of maximum time starting from the location of origin.

Cartoo : How far can you ride in car

So if you have two hours to kill before your appointments or an hour left before a movie starts, you can always enjoy driving around using the Cartoo application. Make sure that you divide the available time in half, so that you can return back in good time for your appointments.

You can visit the Cartoo web site at in your web browser.