Find Your Current Location in Windows Using Geosense

If you are lost in an unknown place, then you can find your current geographical position using a GPS device. But what if you do not have such a device? You can still locate yourself on the map using a Windows Location Sensor called Geosense. Geosense is a free Windows Sensor for Windows 7 using which you can find your current geographical location on the map if you only have a working internet connection. It makes use of Google Location Services both for WiFi and IP to pin-point your geographical location.

You can download Geosense from its website and install it on your Windows system. It is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 – you have to choose one depending on your system. After the installation, you would find Geosense under the Location and other Sensors category in the Control Panel. Geosense is not enabled by default. You can place a checkmark in the checkbox labeled Enable against the Geosense Location Sensor and click on the Apply button as shown.

Geosense Windows Sensor

Now that you have installed Geosense Location Sensor in Windows, you can see yourself on the map using an application which makes use of Window Sensor technology. You can use any such application available, but the authors of Geosense have made available an app called location enabled Google Maps client. You can download it from the Geosense webpage. This application demonstrates the capabilities of the Geosense Window Sensor. You can see your location in the Google Maps using this client.

Geosense Windows Sensor

The results that I received using Geosense on a RoadRunner connection were not accurate. I was being shown around 20 miles away from my actual geographical location. But I guess someone on a WiFi internet may get better and more accurate results.

So if you are looking forward to have a Windows Location Sensor installed in your Windows 7 computer, then you can try Geosense. It may be used by many websites like twitter, facebook and Google+ to use your current geographical location when you post a comment or tweet something.

You can download Geosense from You can download the Google Maps client to test Geosense from

Update: Since the GeoSense website is no longer working, you can download Geosense for Windows from this link : Download Geosense for Windows.