SSD Fresh : Make Your SSD Drives Last Longer

Most of the new netbook and notebook computers are coming not with the old spinning hard disk drives but with the new SSD (solid state drive) disk drives. The benefit of SSD disks over traditional hard disks is that they work faster. SSD drives do not have any rotating motor and do not require any spinning and as a result they consume lesser electrical power. The only problem with SSD disk drives is that they have a limited number of write operations. So after so many million writes, they would stop working. Though the number of writes are large enough to make an SSD disk last for many years, you can make it last even longer using a free software called SSD Fresh.

SSD Fresh is designed by Abelsoft GmBH and you can download it free from their web site. It requires to be installed on your Windows system. After the installation, it would require an unlock code. Just supply your email address and the name, and SSD Fresh would automatically fetch the unlock code from their servers. When SSD Fresh starts, it shows you an overview of all the hard disks installed on your system. You can view the details of the hard disks and check their SMART data if you want to.

SSD Fresh : Make SSD last longer

In the Optimization section, you can find various optimization settings for Windows which may affect the overall performance and life of your SSD disk drives. The settings that are in favor of a longer SSD life are marked with a green check mark but the settings which may reduce the life of your SSD disk are marked with a red exclamation graphic. You can scroll through all these settings and read information about them in this section.

SSD Fresh : Make SSD last longer

Nothing can be easier than optimizing Windows using SSD Fresh. To optimize Windows for a setting that affects your SSD disk life, just click on the Optimize link and the settings would be automatically optimized for you. If later you want to revert these settings, just click on the Restore from Backup link.

SSD Fresh : Make SSD last longer

So if you want to make your SSD disk drives last a few more years longer, you can install and use the free SSD Fresh software. It is available for Windows XP, Vista and 7. Even if you do not have any SSD drive, you can still optimize Windows for better hard disk performance.

You can download free SSD Fresh from