FotoMix : Edit, Manipulate and Enhance Your Pictures

We all know that the premier photo editing and manipulation software is Adobe Photoshop. But how many of us can afford it or know how to use it? If you want a free and simple photo manipulation software for everyday simple tasks of enhancing your digital pictures, then you can use FotoMix. You can use FotoMix to edit, crop, cut, resize, rotate, enhance, mix and manipulate images to create a variety of pictures.

FotoMix is a great choice for beginner users who do not know nothing about editing pictures. They certainly would find using GIMP or Photoshop a very hard nut to crack, but they would find FotoShop an easy to use software. You can use it to combine elements from different pictures and put text on your pictures in addition to many effects that you can apply.

You can download FotoMix from the Digital Photo Software. The download is a mere 2.7 megabytes which is surprising seeing all the functions it supports. You need to install it on your Windows system. During the setup it would ask you to install the FaceMoods toolbar which is completely unnecessary for using FotoMix, so you may skip installing this FaceMoods toolbar.


The FotoMix window has five tabs – background, foreground, composition, touchup and finish. In the Background tab, you have to choose one or more background pictures. In the Foreground tab, you have to choose one or more foreground pictures. Both of these tabs also allow you to perform various manipulation tasks on background and foreground pictures. In the Composition tab, you can adjust how the foreground is put over the background. In the Touchup tab, you can brush up the results to suit your likes. And in the Finish tab, you can copy, print or save the final outcome in form of a JPEG picture.

So if you do not know how to use Photoshop or GIMP, do not drop your shoulders – you can still use FotoMix. Fotomix can turn any beginner into a quality photo mixer overnight. It does not require any training. You can start using it right away. You can mix pictures, create photo collage and add text to your pictures and have fun with them. You can download free FotoMix from