Remove Metadata from Your Digital Photos

When you take pictures using your digital camera, it stores metadata called EXIF that contains technical information about the picture like shooting conditions, whether flash was fired and the excat date and time of taking the picture among many others. When you upload these picture online like on facebook or twitter then you expose this EXIF information to the world. This can be disastrous as was seen in the case of Catherine Schwarts who uploaded her digital photos not knowing that EXIF contained full thumbnails of original picture containing her naked shots. So you have to be very careful when uploading your pictures on the internet and strip the EXIF metadata from the pictures.

You can use the BatchPurifier Lite for removing the EXIF metadata including the thumbnail and geotag from the JPEG files. Other than the EXIF data in the JPEG files, it can also remove IPTC data, XMP data, JPEG comments, ICC profile and other kinds of hidden data. BatchPurifier removes all this metadata while keeping the JPEG image intact and without degrading its quality.

You can download BatchPurifier Lite edition from its web site at Digital Confidence. The download is an MSI package which needs to be installed on your Windows system. After installation you can launch BatchPurifier Lite from its shortcut in the Start Menu. The program has a wizard like interface. In the first step you have to select one or more JPEG pictures or folders containing JPEG pictures. In the second step, you have to pick the metadata categories like EXIF, XMP, IPTC etc. In the third step, you have to specify output folder where new modified files would be kept. Finally, click on the Finish button to complete the purifying process and all the metadata would be stripped in no time.

Batch Purifier Lite

This metadata in your JPEG pictures often contains information such as the exact date and time the photograph was taken, the digital camera manufacturer, model, and unique serial number, the camera settings, and the location (if GPS-enabled camera was used). Furthermore, a thumbnail of the image often exist in the JPEG file, and many image manipulation software fail to update this thumbnail when the original image is modified. So even if the image was cropped, or otherwise modified to hide certain parts in it, the removed parts may still be visible in the thumbnail. With BatchPurifier Lite you can prevent the unintentional exposure of this information that may compromise your privacy and cause you embarrassment.

You can download free BatchPurifier Lite from