Doro PDF : Create PDF Files from Any Application

The PDF (Portable Document Format) file format is considered a world-wide standard for document exchange. The beauty of this format is that the document contains all the pictures and even the fonts used, so that the document looks and gets printed exactly the same no matter on which computer you print it. There are plenty of PDF viewers freely available but the PDF creators are costly. Now you can use the free Doro PDF Writer to create PDF files from any application in Windows free-of-cost.

You can download Doro PDF Writer from its web site at SZ Development. The Doro PDF is available for all the versions of Windows including Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, 7, 8.x and 10. The download is available in form of a setup program. When you run the setup, it installs a virtual printer driver by the name of Doro PDF Writer. This printer is used to create the PDF files.

If you want to create a PDF file using the Doro PDF, just start your favorite document creator program like Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer etc. Create your document like you usually do, use any fonts or embed any pictures that you want. After you are done creating or editing the document, just open the print command (usually under the File menu). When asked to select the printer, choose the Doro PDF Writer from the printers list and click on Print button. This would open the Doro PDF Writer window as shown below :

Doro PDF creator

In the General section, you can specify title, subject, keywords, author and producer. In the encryption section, you can specify whether you want to encrypt the document, password protect it and prevent it from printing or copy-pasting. Finally, click on the Create button to start creating the PDF document. In a short time, you would have a colored PDF file created free-of-cost for you.

You can download free Doro PDF Writer from