Game Fire : Optimize Your PC for Playing Games

One downfall of using Windows for playing games is not all of the CPU power is utilized in playing the computer game. For example, some of it is used by the anti-virus software etc. This is why dedicated gaming systems like Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation are becoming popular. But you can optimize your Windows system for playing computer games using the free Game Fire software. This way you can reduce the processing power and memory utilized by Windows, making them available for the computer games.

The Game Fire software is designed by the Smart PC Utilities Ltd. and you can download it from their website. The free edition download is just a 9.8 megabytes long. You can install it in Windows and it is ready for your use. The Game Fire interface is exteremely simple. It is designed for the beginners possessing no technical knowledge. All you have to do is click on the button Turn on Gaming Mode and your system would be transfered into a powerful gaming machine.

Game Fire

Game Fire puts your CPU and system memory at your service, by reducing stresses on CPU through closing unneeded processes and functions and by defraging RAM to free up unneeded consumed resources. This is done in a smart way without affecting system performance. Game Fire is a very safe utility, as all changes made to your system by Game Fire are temporary, you can restore the previous system state by simply turning off Gaming Mode.

So if you play lots of games on your Windows PC then Game Fire is your companion. It can shutdown unnecessary and resource hungrey application so that you can play games smoother and better. You can download Game Fire from from