Hide Tabs from Your Boss in Google Chrome Browser

You work all day long and it becomes quite boring after some time. It is not uncommon for some of you to start playing online games or watch some videos in the middle of the work load. It helps you relax but if your boss finds out about it then it may have some consequences. Good news is that now you can quickly hide a browser tab in the Google Chrome browser using the Disguise Tabs extension.

Disguised Tabs is an extremely simple extension for hiding the contents of a tab from your boss or a nosey person without having to close it. Suppose you are playing an online computer game and suddenly your boss passes by. All you have to do is press the key combination Ctrl + Q and the current tab would be instantly disguised to look like the Google homepage. When your boss has gone away, you can press the key combination Ctrl + Q again to un-disguise the tab.

Disguise Tabs in Chrome

This is an extremly useful Google Chrome extension if you have a nosey brother/sister, room-partner or a snoopy neighbor. Just be quick to press the hotkey and the current webpage’s icon and title would the changed to look like Google homepage. At the same time, another tab would be selected so as to hide the web page you were viewing. You have to notice that the contents of the disguised webpage remain unchanged and if you are playing a video or audio in that webpage, it would keep playing which may be heard on the speakers of your computer.

You can download the Disguise Tabs extension from the Google web store site at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/.