How to Add Google Picasa ScreenSaver in Windows

Google Picasa is a popular photo editor, manager and viewer available for Windows. You can use it to create photo collages, create posters, edit images to add text and various other advanced effects easily. It can use your pictures from your local disks or web albums. It allows you to instantly publish your pictures to your Google+ account or online Picasa library. Google Picasa can also be used to create a screensaver for Windows using your pictures. Here is how :

  1. Start Google Picasa from its desktop shortcut.
  2. In Google Picasa, choose Tools → Configure Screensaver from the menubar as shown.

    Add Google Picasa Screensaver in Windows

  3. This would open the usual Screesaver window for Windows with Google Picasa screensaver already selected. You can choose the time to wait before the screensaver starts. You can click on the Settings button to configure various settings for this screensaver.
  4. In the settings window, you can choose various visual effects like collage, pan and zoom, circle, rectangle etc. to be used when switching between two pictures. You can choose the pictures sources from Picasa, web albums, folders on your local hard disk and RSS feeds. You can add RSS feeds from various sources like Bing, Flickr etc. You can also choose the time interval to be used to show each picture before it switches to next picture.

    Add Google Picasa Screensaver in Windows

  5. Click OK to save the settings. Now you can preview your Picasa screensaver by clicking on the Preview button. Preview is a great way to find to set the screensaver to your tastes. If you think something is not to your like, you can always go back and change it in the settings.

Google Picasa is free and can turn your boring computer screen into a live picture collage. You can upload the pictures of your family and friends to your Google Picasa album and then install Picasa screensaver on any computer (like home, office etc.) to show the same pictures of your near and dear ones using this screensaver. Picasa screensaver also detects if you have two (or more) screens connected to your PC and can show different pictures on each one. If you do not have Google Picasa on your computer, do not miss out on its awesome features and get it from