MondoClub: Free Webcam Chat with a Twist

Sure the Internet is full of online chatting networks like PalTalk, ICQ, Charoullette and online streaming sites like Justin TV, Ustream etc., but most of them are full of people with spam, profanity and nudity. It is very hard to find an online place where you can actually chat with decent people over the webcam, watch a good quality streaming show and feel good. Now MondoClub has come up with a plan to fill in this void. MondoClub is a fun place where you can chat with other online people and watch them perform over the webcam. The people who stay on the webcam are called Starz and are paid hourly for their performance. The people who chat without a webcam with Starz are called Clubberz. The Starz can do anything they want on the webcam like play music, sing songs, teach something, draw cartoons or just talk about something. The whole idea is to give you the experience of visiting an actual club where you can hangout and talk with with others as well as the performers. What makes MondoClub different from others is that it does not allow any profanity or nudity, making it safer and cleaner for everyone.

You do not have to register for chatting with a Starz. You can just visit the MondoClub site and it would open a random Starz channel. But you can also search and click on the available channels at the bottom of the page to open them. You can talk with them as a guest. But you can also register a nickname for free.

MondoClub: Free Webcam Chat with a Twist

At present, the Starz that have channels on MondoClub are located all over the world – USA, Bulgaria, Colombia, Germany, Argentina, Mexico and more. They speak many languages like English, Spanish, German, French, Bulgarian and more. The Clubberz are in even larger number and located globally. So you would always find someone who can understand you even if you do not speak English.

The Clubz is the monetary unit of the MondoClub. It can be bought with real money through Paypal, Wire Transfer, Credit cards etc. It can be used to tip the performing Starz, become the fan of one or more Starz or get a VIP membership. The Clubz can also be used to go solo with a performer which enables you to have one-on-one personal chat with them.

MondoClub offers an opportunity to connect and chat with great people from all over the world. It is free to chat with the Starz but if you want then you can make extra money by broadcasting as one of the Starz yourself. MondoClub is a new type of live streaming site using which an artist, performer or teacher can make extra cash and rest of us can have a little fun in our spare time.

Update: MondoClub was shutdown in 2013. You can try a similar website

You can visit MondoClub site at


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