Get Modern Style Start Menu in Windows 8 with Start Menu Reviver

When Microsoft decided to retire the Start Menu from Windows 8, many developers came up with different alternatives for the missing Start Menu feature. On, we have discussed previously about many of these Start Menu alternatives like IOBit Start Menu, Classic Shell and so on. But most of these Start Menu alternatives give the look and feel of Windows 7 style Start Menu. Now ReviverSoft has brought forth another Start Menu Reviver for Windows 8 which is built to give a Modern UI look and feel. The Start Menu Reviver contains tiles like Modern UI and you can add your applications to these tiles.

Get Modern Style Start Menu in Windows 8 with Start Menu Reviver

Here are some of the key features of the Start Menu Reviver:

  • Brings back Start Menu in Windows 8.
  • It is truly touchscreen friendly Start Menu.
  • There are 32 tiles in the Start Menu to which you can add apps, programs and websites.
  • You can launch Windows 8 Start Screen right from the Start Menu.
  • Customizable Start Menu icons, colors and menus.

Start Menu Reviver is a very smart and natural looking replacement for Windows 8 Start Menu. Its one of the most innovative Start Menu replacement for Windows 8. You can download it from the ReviverSoft website. The download is in form of an installer and is around 5 megabytes in size. After the installation, it runs automatically and you can start using the Start Menu in Windows 8 right away.

The Start Menu Reviver shows many categories on the left side like Settings, Network, Recent, Search, Tasks, Run etc. Clicking on these categories either opens up a menu, settings window or an application. For example, clicking on the Search opens Windows 8 Search Charm, clicking on Run opens Run dialog, clicking on Recent shows recent files you have opened in Windows etc.

On the Start Menu Reviver dashboard, there are many tiles (32 in total). Some of these tiles are pre-configured to open Computer, Task Manager, Photos etc. But you can always right-click on a tile and select Add Tile to add a program, Modern app or website to that tile.

Get Modern Style Start Menu in Windows 8 with Start Menu Reviver

If you want to customize Start Menu Reviver, then you can right-click on the Start Menu orb icon and choose the Settings from the context-menu. This would open the Settings window for Start Menu Reviver. Here you can choose if you want to run it each time Windows starts, you can choose Start Menu button styles, behavior of the menus, enable or disable Dashboard tiles etc. You can also choose a color scheme for the Start Menu.

Get Modern Style Start Menu in Windows 8 with Start Menu Reviver

Start Menu Reviver is nothing like the other Start Menu replacements for Windows 8. It adds the new Modern UI to the Start Menu and integrates it well with the new features of Windows 8. If you want the comfort of the classic Start Menu and the modern enhancements of the Windows 8 operating system in one place, then you can download and install Start Menu Reviver on your PC.

You can download Start Menu Reviver from

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