Howard Email Notifier : Get New Email Notifications on Your Desktop

Microsoft has revamped their email service Hotmail and has renamed it to Outlook. The results are very good and more people have now started to use Outlook. But opening the Outlook webpage every time you want to check for new email messages is very cumbersome for some people. If you want to have the new email notifications shown right on your Windows desktop, then you can make use of the Howard Email application. It stays in the Windows notification area, checks your or account for new email messages and alerts you when you get new emails. It also supports Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! mail, and Zoho inbox.

You can download the Howard Email Notifier application from the CompSoft website. The download is a setup installer which can be used to install Howard Email on your system. After the installation, Howard Email places an icon in the notification area and pops up a large window where you have to sign in to your or account. It basically opens the website inside its own window, so you can also sign up for a new account if you want to.

Howard Email : Get New Email Notifications for Outlook on Your Desktop

Once you have signed in to your Microsoft email account, Howard Email would keep checking for new emails every 5 minutes. Setting up email accounts for other providers works in a similar fashion. The icon of Howard Email Notifier in the notification area changes from green color to orange color when you receive a new email message. You hear a ding-dong sound and a popup window displays the number of new email messages you have received along with their subject lines.

Howard Email Notifier

You can right-click on the system tray icon of Howard Email application and choose to open the site or open the Howard Email options. In the Options window, you can modify the time interval for checking for new email messages, select the time interval to display new messages popup, choose an email reader, select which sound file you want to play when a new email message is detected and more.

Howard Email : Get New Email Notifications for Outlook on Your Desktop

Conclusion: Howard Email Notifier is a very small and effective application for checking up for new email messages without actually signing in to the your webmail service in your web browser. It supports all different kinds of email services including,,, Gmail, Yahoo! email and

You can download Howard Email from