Rizone Security Restore : Restore Default Security Settings in Windows

When a malware infects your PC, it makes many changes to your computer. For example, it can change the proxy settings to redirect your browsing traffic to malicious servers, it can turn off your Windows firewall so that all programs have unchecked access to the Internet and so on. Even after you have cleaned the malware some of these settings remain on your PC. You can use freeware Rizone Security Restore to restore the default Windows security settings back in your PC.

The Rizone Security Restore is a very small portable application for Windows with only one goal in mind – to attempt to restore your Windows security settings to their default values. After an ordeal of malware infection, if you are getting error messages like – “You do not have permission to open Registry Editor” or “You do not have permission to copy files in this folder” etc., then Rizone Security Restore can help you resolve these errors. It will also attempt to repair the dreaded 0x80070005 error messages when trying to register DLL files while installing certain Windows components or programs.

You can download Rizone Security Restore from the Datum software website. On the website, there is a mention about a new website being launched soon for this software. The download is less than one megabytes in size. The download is a standalone, portable application that can be run by just double-clicking on it. It requires administrator privileges to make changes to your system.

Rizone Security Restore : Restore Default Security Settings in Windows

To start the restoring of the security settings, all you have to do is click on the GO button. It will scan your system and make changes. Although the application says that the whole process takes about ten minutes, yet on my system it took only 4 minutes to finish all the settings. After the application has done making changes, it will inform you to the effect and then you can start using your computer as usual.

A word of caution should be given about Rizone Security Restore, as it blindly sets all the security settings to their default state. This means that even the settings that you yourself had set would be switched back to default values. Another thing is that if you are using any of the security softwares that monitor system changes (e.g., WinPatrol), then it will show many notifications about the changes. So you may want to turn such software off while Rizone Security Restore is working.

You can download Rizone Security Restore from http://datumza.com/downloads/.