BotRevolt : Block Bot Connections in Windows

Bots are malicious software that infect your computer and let it be controlled by cyber-criminals remotely. When a bot malware like SpyEye, Zbot, Zeus etc., infect your computer they take over your PC and allow the cyber-criminals through a command and control center. These crooks can then use your PC to send spam, to engage in DDoS attack, takedown other networks and so on. The free software BotRevolt blocks the known IP addresses used by these bots and thus disrupts the bot activity for an infected Windows machine.

You can download BotRevolt from the BotRevolt software website. The download is a around 13 megabytes installation setup file which can be used to install BotRevolt in Windows XP, Vista and 7. After the installation, it would run automatically and place an icon in the notification area and start monitoring all the outward connections that your PC is making to the internet. If the PC is found to make connection to a known malicious server, it would be blocked.

BotRevolt : Block Bot Connections in Windows

The BotRevolt boasts of blocking of billions of known IP addresses. These IP addresses are known to be used for malware, spyware, scams/spam, bitcoin theft and privacy invasion. You can disable one or more of these categories by clicking on the List Manager button. The List Manager also allows you to add your own custom lists to be blocked or download them from

BotRevolt : Block Bot Connections in Windows

You can also disable and enable the BotRevolt application by clicking on the Disable button. The same can be done by right-clicking on the notification area icon. If you want to update the lists, then you can click on the Update button but it does not let you update in the free version.

The BotRevolt just blocks the outgoing connections to well known malicious servers. This method fails terribly if the bot network decides to change the IP address and in case of brand new bot malware. So you may use the BotRevolt, but do not forget to use a standard full antivirus like avast! antivirus or AVG free antivirus installed on your system in conjunction with an anti-malware software like MBAM.

You can download the BotRevolt from

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