Copy Files Faster with WinMend File Copy

Windows file copying used to be very fast in the Windows XP days. The later versions of Windows seem to have slower file copy mechanisms. This may be due to carrying out file copy verifications for each of the files that is being copied. But now you can get faster file copy speeds by using the free WinMend File Copy software. It boasts of increasing the file copying speeds to 300% faster than the standard Windows file copy function.

WinMend File Copy is a batch file copy program which can be used to copy multiple files to their respective destination folders at a single go. You can download it from the WinMend software website. The download is installer setup program of about three megabytes. Unlike some other similar programs, it does not integrate into Windows File Explorer or replace the file copy function in Windows. After the installation, you can run it from its desktop shortcut.

Copy Files Faster with WinMend File Copy

The WinMend File Copy has a very easy to use user interface. You can drag-n-drop any files or folder on its window. You can also use the specific buttons to add files or folders to the list. After this you have to select an option which decides what to do when the a file of same name exists in destination. You can choose to overwrite or skip such files. Finally, you have to select a destination folder where all these files/folders shall be copied. To start the copying, click on the Copy button.

This software has sertain advantages over the standard Windows file copy function. For example, you can suspend the file copying and resume it later. This is very useful if you want your hard disk or CPU to be free for some other task at hand. If the file copying for one file fails for some reason, it does not stop and tries to copy other files. In the end an error list is shown if file copying fails for some files.

WinMend File Copy has some great features like suspend and auto-resume in case of system crash etc. But it does not integrate into Windows File Explorer which means that you have to manually launch this program everytime you want to copy files. Manually launching this program for file copy function is not so much practical, however if you intend to copy large number of files then it can certainly be useful.

You can download WinMend File Copy from