Auslogics Browser Care : Manage Browser Extensions, Home Page and Toolbars

When you install some of the downloaded software, they silently install browser extensions and toolbars in your computer. After some time, you find your web browsers full of multiple toolbars and extensions that you rarely use. You can manage these toolbars, extensions and home page settings for all the major web browsers using the free Auslogics Browser Care. It can also clean up your browser cache, improve their performance and keep them well-maintained.

Auslogics Browser Care can perform the following tasks for your web browsers:

  • Remove unwanted toolbars or plugins
  • Change hijacked home page to the page you want
  • Set your preferred search engine as default
  • Clear cache to unclutter your drive and speed up your browser
  • Manage all installed browsers from one place

You can download Auslogics Browser Care from their website. The download is around 6 megabytes of a setup installer file. After the installation, you can run Browser Care from its desktop shortcut.

Auslogics Browser Care

The Browser Care window displays different tabs for all the supported web browsers. It supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Each tab displays the home page, default search engine, toolbars and add-ons installed for that web browser. To remove a toolbar or add-on, you can simply click on the recycle bin icon. You can also disable or enable a toolbar or add-on by clicking on the ON/OFF button. You can change the homepage by either selecting Default or typing in a new URL. There are also options to clean the browser history and restore the default web browser settings.

In the settings window, you can choose to automatically start Browser Care at Windows logon, minimize to notification area on close and create backups for any changes made. The backups are kept for 3 months by default, but you can change this setting.

Auslogics Browser Care : Manage Browser Extensions, Home Page and Toolbars

Conclusion: Auslogics Browser Care is a useful application to manage the different toolbars, add-ons, homepage in various web browsers. The program can save your time because it can change the settings for all the web browsers from a single interface. This tool also lets you easily sweep out temporary Internet files from all your installed browsers.

You can download Auslogics Browser Care from