MediaFire Express : Share and Backup Files Easily on the MediaFire Cloud

MediaFire is an online cloud backup service that allows you to have 10 GB of online storage for free. Just like any other cloud storage service, you can access it from any device through a web browser if you are connected to the Internet. But they also offer a desktop client called MediaFire Express using which you can backup, share, store and collaborate your files on your MediaFire account, right from your desktop.

You can download MediaFire Express from the MediaFire website. The downloads are available for Windows, Mac and Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora). For Windows, the download is a setup installer of around 50 MB in size which installs MediaFire Express in your PC.

After the installation, you are asked to enter your MediaFire username and password in the MediaFire Express window. If you do not have any MediaFire account, then you can create one from the same window.

MediaFire Express

Uploading or backing up your files on the MediaFire through the MediaFire Express is very easy. All you have to do is select your files or folders, drag them onto the MediaFire icon in the notification area and drop them on the dropzone window when it appears. Although this method is very easy, you have to be very precise in dropping the files as the notification area icons are very small and the dropzone window takes time to appear.

MediaFire Express

MediaFire Express offers another way of sharing files which is more comfortable and less prone to human error. You can select all the files or folders you want to upload to MediaFire cloud, right-click on the selection and choose Upload to MediaFire. This would start the uploading of the selected files to your MediaFire account.

MediaFire Express

The upload process of the files is shown near the bottom-right corner of the desktop. You can cancel the upload any time or pause the upload for some time if you want to use your available internet bandwidth for something else. When the upload is finished, you can click on the Copy Link button in the information box to copy the sharing link. You can paste this link anywhere you want like in websites, forums, emails etc., to share you file with others.

MediaFire Express

If you want to take a screenshot of your desktop and share it, then MediaFire Express can prove to be of great help. To take a screenshot of your desktop, right-click on the MediaFire icon in the notification area and select Capture Screenshot from the menu. This would turn your mouse cursor into a selection gimmick using which you can select a rectangular area on your screen. The selected potion is captured and is shown inside a small editor capable of adding arrows, rectangles and text in the image. It also shows options to upload the captured image to your MediaFire account, save it to your hard disk, print it on your printer or copy it to clipboard.

MediaFire Express

So if you want to make the most of your MediaFire account, then you should install the MediaFire Express desktop client. It allows you to easily upload, share and collaborate your files with your friends, colleagues, family members or just about anybody on the Internet.

You can download MediaFire Express from

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