Oxynger KeyShield : Highly Secure Virtual Keyboard for Windows

Some of the modern malware employ very advanced techniques to steal your personal and financial information. Some of they just record your keyboard activities (called keyloggers) but other can capture screenshots of you web browser when you are busy opening your bank’s website or shopping something online and thus capture your credit card or bank account information and send it over to cyber-criminal’s server. Some of the malware even have a video recording feature. To be on the safe side, you should use a virtual keyboard when shopping online or opening up financial sites like Paypal, Payoneer or your bank’s site. Some of these sites offer a virtual keyboard of their own, but you can also use the free Oxynger KeyShield – a very highly secure virtual keyboard for Windows.

You can get this virtual keyboard software from the Oxynger website. The software is available both as a setup installer package and as a portable application. The portable version is very useful as it can be carried on a USB stick and used on any Windows PC you want.  If you decide to use the portable edition, then all you have to do is double-click on the Oxynger KeyShield.exe file that comes packed inside the downloaded ZIP file.

Oxynger KeyShield : Virtual Keyboard

This program fails to run if you do not have Desktop Composition enabled in your PC. The Desktop Composition feature is not available if your computer does not support Aero in Windows. In short, it runs only in Windows 7 and 8 with Aero enabled.

This virtual keyboard is totally capture proof. I tried to capture it with two popular screen capture applications but both time a black picture was captured. This software protects you from keyloggers, screen capture applications and mouse logging programs. To know the status of the your protection, you can click on Security in menubar.

Oxynger KeyShield : Virtual Keyboard

In the options window (which you can open by clicking on Options in the menubar), you can choose settings to randomize the keyboard layout to prevent the mouse logging, display the system tray icon, save keyboard layout for the next time, provide shoulder surfing protection (protection from people snooping over your shoulder) and more.

Oxynger KeyShield : Virtual Keyboard

You can use Oxynger KeyShield to protect your credit card/debit card, online banking, online shopping and other financial information from the keyloggers, screen loggers and information stealing malware. It is a very secure virtual keyboard that you should use specially when you are entering sensitive information on public computers.

You can download Oxynger KeyShield from http://www.oxynger.com/.