Get New Desktop Wallpaper Everyday with PictureThrill

The first thing that appears on your computer screen when you power it on is the desktop wallpaper. Although in Windows 8 the Start screen is displayed on logon but you can easily make Windows 8 boot straight to the desktop instead of the Start screen. The beginning of your work day is going to be pleasant if you see a beautiful and exciting wallpaper on your computer screen. Although you can change the wallpaper yourself, but the free software PictureThrill can do it for you automatically. It can download pictures from different websites and set them as your desktop wallpaper – giving you a new wallpaper everyday.

The PictureThrill software is available for Windows from the CodePlex website. The download is a setup installer of very small file size. After the installation, the PictureThrill application is launched automatically. It starts to fetch pictures from six different websites – Bing, Nasa, EarthScience, National Geographics, Wikipedia and Nature.

PictureThrill Wallpaper Changer

You can preview the thumbnails of the currently available pictures from these sites in the PictureThrill window, select any one of them and then click on the Wallpaper button to set that picture as your wallpaper. This will also select that website as your preferred choice for getting a new wallpaper for the next day.

If you click on the Advanced button, it would show you different settings for PictureThrill. You can choose to automatically update PictureThrill, automatically fetch and set new pictures from the selected website and save the new pictures in a folder.

PictureThrill Settings

Once set, the PictureThrill software would continue to download and update your wallpaper everyday. The program does not have very much difficult configuration settings and works as a set-and-forget application. So if you want to see a charming wallpaper everyday on your Windows screen, then you can give PictureThrill a try.

You can download PictureThrill from