Access Multiple Cloud Accounts from One Place with Sophos Mobile Encryption

Sophos is a very well respected name in the field of computer security. They have been providing security software for Windows and Mac for years. But many people do not know about their mobile security apps for Android and iPhone. One of the Sophos apps called Sophos Mobile Encryption allows you to access multiple cloud storage accounts in one place. This way you do not have to install many different apps for different cloud service providers, you can install just one Sophos Mobile Encryption app and it access your Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive (formerly Sky Drive), Egnyte, Media Center and any other cloud storage that supports WebDAV access.

After installing the Sophos Mobile Encryption app in your Android or iPhone smartphone, you can launch it right away. On the first screen, you have to accept the end user license agreement.

Sophos Mobile Encryption

The screen shows many cloud storage services supported by Sophos Mobile Encryption. In the settings for Sophos Mobile Encryption, you can choose which of these cloud services should be enabled and shown in the app.

Sophos Mobile Encryption

Back in the main screen,  you can tap on the cloud service name that you want to access. Typically, the process of adding a cloud storage account to Sophos Mobile Encryption involves your typing of that cloud service’s credentials and then giving permission for this app to access your files on the cloud storage.

Sophos Mobile Encryption

After this you can access all the files stored on your cloud accounts by tapping on the cloud service’s name in the Sophos Mobile Encryption app. You can tap on a file name to download it to your smartphone and open using a viewer app.

You must be wondering why they have put “Encryption” in the app’s title. Actually this Sophos Mobile Encryption app is supposed to access the files that were encrypted using the Sophos SafeGuard which is a commercial encryption application and then stored on the cloud. But even if your files are not encrypted, you can still access them from your cloud storage accounts through the Sophos Mobile Encryption app.

Conclusion:  Sophos Mobile Encryption app makes it very easy to access many of your cloud storage accounts from a single interface. You no longer have to launch different apps for different cloud storage accounts. It supports Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Egnyte, and all other cloud services that can be accessed through WebDAV.

You can download Sophos Mobile Encryption app from