Fix Rogue Proxy Scripts with Auto Config RiskProtector

The automatic proxy configuration scripts are used by web browsers to selectively apply proxy server settings for specific web domains. They can also be used to changing the proxy servers dynamically without having to open the browser settings each time you want to switch the proxy servers. The proxy auto-configuration (PAC) scripts are used by many extensions for browsers like Mozilla Firefox for proxy server settings. But many trojans and malware programs also use the PAC scripts to set malicious proxy servers to your web browsers in order to redirect you to phishing websites and steal your personal or financial data. If you want to see whether your system is infected with such malicious PAC scripts, then you can use the free Phrozensoft Auto Config RiskProtector.

You can download Phrozensoft Auto Config RiskProtector from the Phrozensoft website. The download is a portable application so you can run the program without having to install anything on your system. As you launch it, it displays information about PAC files and their risks. You can click on the Scan Now button to scan your system for PAC scripts.

Phrozensoft Auto Config RiskProtector

If it finds any proxy automatic configuration files in your Windows PC setup for Microsoft Internet Explorer (it does not work for any other web browser), then it will tell you about the threat and give you details about the related dangerous possibilities. You can click on the Fix Now button to fix the threat. But you may have to elevate the access level of RiskProtector program to fix the threats.

Phrozensoft Auto Config RiskProtector

It fixes the threats very quickly, deletes the threats (PAC files) if any found on your local computer and then informs you about the success. Now it will show you the status that you are now safe and malicious threat free.

Phrozensoft Auto Config RiskProtector

Conclusion: Phrozensoft Auto Config RiskProtector can scan your system for malicious PAC (proxy auto-configuration) scripts and allows you to remove them, so that you can browse the internet risk-free.

You can get the  Phrozensoft Auto Config RiskProtector from