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With a new online service popping up every day, it has become very difficult to remember your usernames and passwords for all your online services and identities. I myself have five email accounts, two FTP accounts, six cloud storage accounts, two banking accounts and accounts on various technical and security forums. One way to avoid losing so many passwords is to write them down on a piece of paper but this method is very much insecure – anyone getting hold of that paper will know everything about your online life. A better way to manage you passwords securely is to store them in encrypted storage, like the free Password Gorilla which is a cross platform password manager and works on Linux, Mac and Windows.

The Password Gorilla is a portable application so you do not have to install anything on your system. You can just download it on your computer and start using it right away. The very first time when you launch Password Gorilla, it asks you to create a database file (or you can open an existing database file). You can create a new database by choosing a database name and the password.

Password Gorilla

Once you have created or opened the password database, it will show the main Password Gorilla interface. You can right-click on the database name and choose to add new login information or edit existing login information. From the same context-menu, you can copy the username, password or the related URL to clipboard so that you can use them. You can also export the passwords to plain text or CSV files.

Password Gorilla

If you choose to add, edit or view login information, it opens up a new window where it shows all the fields related to that login entry. You can view/ edit or add group, title, URL, username, password and notes in this window. It also has a simple password generator to help you create random strong passwords easily.

Password Gorilla

In the preferences (that you can access from the menubar), you can choose double-clicking actions, clipboard security, automatic locking, the database file formats, display languages, font sizes, and default web browser among many other features.

Password Gorilla

Conclusion: Password Gorilla is an easy-to-use cross-platform portable password manager. It stores your login credentials in an encrypted file which can only be viewed using a single master password. It uses Twofish cipher to protect your passwords.

You can download Password Gorilla from

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