Security Tab Colorizer Helps Identify Secure Websites Easily in Firefox

When you send sensitive information over the internet, it can be intercepted by third parties or hackers unless it is send over an encrypted secure connection. This is why when you enter your credentials on any websites (like your bank’s website, PayPal, eBay, web mail etc.), you should make sure that the website is opened securely through an HTTPS connection. You can easily check for a secure connection by noticing if the address of that website is beginning with https:// or not. We also have previously written about HTTPS Everywhere which forces HTTPS secure connections on all the possible websites in Firefox. But if you want to know quickly whether a site opened in Firefox is opened through a secure encrypted connection or not, then you can use the free Security Tab Colorizer extension for Firefox. This extension sets tabs for securely opened websites in green color and for insecure connections, it sets the tab color to be red. This makes it very simple to identify secure sites – red is insecure and green is secure.

The Security Tab Colorizer extension is available from the Mozilla Firefox extensions repository. The extension is restart less extension, so it ready to be used as soon as you finish installing it. After the installation, if you open a new tab using the HTTP protocol, it will color that tab red. If you open any website through the HTTPS protocol, it will color the tab green.

Security Tab Colorizer

The Security Tab Colorizer does not have any options, possibly because it is still in the developmental stages. But it would be great to see some options like adding the security icons to the address bar itself, and the ability to choose the custom colors.

Conclusion: The Security Tab Colorizer extension for Firefox colors the various opened tabs red or green depending on whether the sites in these tabs are opened through HTTP or HTTPS protocols respectively. This makes it easy to identify which of the websites are opened through a secure connection in Firefox.

You can download & install Security Tab Colorizer from