Convert Videos into 3D with Free 3D Video Maker

These days every second movie comes in 3D which makes watching movies much more fun, especially the horror movies. But there are so many horror movies from the 70s and 80s which were obviously not made in 3D. Sometimes you wish how would it feel if you could watch the older horror movies like “Exorcist” or “The Bird with the Crystal Plumage”. Thanks to the free software Free 3D Video Maker, now you can convert any video into 3D just at the click of a button. Usually you need two video streams (left and right) for making a 3D picture or video, but this software can turn the video into 3D using just single video file.

You can get Free 3D Video Maker software from the website of DVDVideoSoft. The software works for all versions of Windows starting from Windows XP to Windows 8.1. Unfortunately it works only for the AVI files, but can work better with more files if you install a video codec pack (like K-Lite Media Codec pack).

Free 3D Video Maker

In the main Free 3D Video Maker window, you have to select two video files (one for the left video and another for the right video). But if you select the Use single video option, it can work with just one video file. You have to choose one of the 3D conversion algorithm from the drop-down list, but the default Red-Cyan algorithm works the best. After this you can click on the Make3D button to start the conversion. The 3D video file shall be placed in the selected output folder.

In the settings for the Free 3D Video Maker, you can choose the video codec for the video decoding, save main window position, show video frame borders, keep the aspect ratios and many more options.

Free 3D Video Maker

Conclusion: The Free 3D Video Maker allows you to convert any videos files into 3D videos that you can watch on your 3D screen or ordinary screen with 3D red-cyan glasses. It works only with AVI encapsulated video files but supports many different codecs.

You can download Free 3D Video Maker from