Absolute Uninstaller : Uninstall Programs Completely in Windows

With the huge number of programs available on the internet today, we are all continuously trying out one or more of these free programs every weekend to see if they can do what we want. But removing these programs becomes a headache after we are done with them. If you have installed multiple programs then you have to install them one by one which makes the whole thing a painful ordeal. Thanks to the free Absolute Uninstaller program, now you can batch uninstall multiple programs in one go without having to process them manually.

The Absolute Uninstaller program is designed by the Glary Utilities developers. It displays you a list of all the installed software in your Windows PC. You can view the software list in icon mode, details mode or small list mode. You can select any of these programs and some information about them is displayed (for example, the program name, the company name, program size, date of install and date of last use). You can also filter the programs based various criteria like large size programs, recently installed programs, rarely used programs and Windows updates, in order to quickly locate the ones you are looking for.

Absolute Uninstaller

In order to uninstall any of these software, you can select them and click on Uninstall the Program button. This will launch the respective uninstall program but Absolute Uninstaller also cleans any remnant files left over after the uninstallation is finished.

In addition to the regular uninstallation of programs, Absolute Uninstaller can also batch uninstall programs so that you do not have to remove programs manually one by one. For batch uninstallation, you can click on the Batch Uninstall button in the toolbar, select the programs that you want to remove and then click on the Uninstall Checked Programs button.

Absolute Uninstaller

Conclusion: The Absolute Uninstaller is an alternative uninstaller for Windows that allows you to not only remove installed programs but also clean the remnant or left over files more thoroughly. It also has a batch mode that simplifies and makes is very easy to remove multiple programs in one go.

You can download Absolute Uninstaller from http://www.glarysoft.com/absolute-uninstaller/.