Instantly Clean Browsing History of Current Page with Forget Me for Chrome

So you got curious about a ill-reputed website that they were talking about in the news or gossiping about in the office and opened it in your web browser to see what all the fuss was about. But this follows with a sense of apprehension – what if someone finds that you visited that site? And now you have to clear your entire browsing history because you do not want anyone to find about it and you forgot to use the incognito mode of the browser. But if you are using the Chrome web browser, then you do not really have to clear the entire browsing history, instead you can use the Forget Me extension that cleans the browsing history, cookies and local storage only for that webpage.

After the installation of the Forget Me extension in Chrome, it opens up the options for the new extension. If the options do not appear, then you can type chrome://extensions in the address bar and click on Options under the Forget Me extension in the list.

Forget Me for Chrome

In the options, you can choose whether you want to delete history, cookies or local storage, whether you want to clear the data for the current page or for all the domains, and what to do after data is cleaned (refresh the webpage or close the tab).

Once you have selected the options, you are all set to clean the browser history for any of the open webpages. You will notice that a new magnifying glass icon appears in the address bar of the opened webpages. You have to click on this icon to clean the data as specified in the Forget Me options. This magnifying glass icon will turn from black to green color – indicating that data has been cleaned.

Forget Me for Chrome

Conclusion: If you do not want to completely remove all the browsing history in Chrome but only for a single domain, then you can use the Forget Me extension. It can clean the history, cookies and local storage data for any domains opened in Chrome tabs.

You can download Forget Me extension from