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It is a very well known fact that after some months of usage the performance of a typical Windows PC starts to deteriorate and none of the cleaning tools can improve the performance after that time. It is then that you are forced to format your computer hard disk and re-install Windows all over again. If you bought the Windows DVD separately from a store, then you are in luck as you should have the installation key ready right on the DVD box or cover. But if your PC came with Windows pre-installed then you may not have the installation key. It is in the situations like this you can use zebNet Windows Key Finder and save it to a text file.

The zebNet Windows Key Finder is a small Windows program that comes packed in an adware setup package, so must be careful during the installation process. If possible, run the installation in the Sandboxie program. Someone who is going to format the hard disk is not going to be worried about adware anyway.

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The setup creates a program shortcut on the desktop and in the start menu. Through these shortcuts, you can launch the program. It has a very simple interface that basically shows you the Windows OS version that you have installed on your PC and its product key. You can note down the product key, take a snap using your smartphone camera, or click on the Save button to save the information in a text file. If you choose to save it in the text file, make sure the file is copied to your portable pen drive so that it does not get wiped when you format your hard disk (for reinstalling Windows).

Verdict: The zebNet Windows Key Finder program offers you to quickly view the Windows installation product key. This key is very useful when you have to re-install Windows in case of malware attack or simply because the PC is not performing as it should. zebNet Windows Key Finder comes packed with adware installer which is very annoying considering that there are many free and clean alternatives available.

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