Glary File Undelete Helps Recover Deleted Files

There is no tragedy in the computer world that can be the cause of as poignant anxiety as the loss of your valuable data. Imagine that you have been storing your children’s pictures and videos on your hard disk and suddenly in an unfortunate moment you accidentally end up deleting these files. If the most expensive of your computer hardware fails or gets damaged, then you can replace it easily. But when the data loss occurs, there is no replacement. This is why you have to be very careful when you find that some of your valuable files have been erased – perhaps unintentionally by yourself or by someone else. You have to keep your head straight and download Glary File Undelete utility which can help you recover the deleted files on your hard disk.

During the installation, choose to install Glary File Undelete in a folder on a partition that does not contain your deleted files. For example, if your deleted files were on C: drive, then perhaps you can choose the D: drive for installation. If your computer has only C: drive, then insert a USB disk and install the software there. This will prevent overwriting of files on the partition where your deleted files exist.

Glary File Undelete

In the Glary File Undelete window, you can choose a partition from the drop-down listbox or click on the small button next to it to choose a folder to select the location that would be searched for deleted files. After this you can click on Search button to start the scanning for the deleted files.

The search takes a short time and shows you a list of all the deleted files found. The files can be viewed folder wise or file extension wise. You can also choose to see a preview of the files that it finds. In order to recover the deleted files, you can select the files in the list and click on the Recover button. You will have to choose the target folder where these files shall be saved.

Conclusion: Glary File Undelete is a simple file recovery software for Windows that allows you to recover the deleted files easily. It supports NTFS and FAT file systems and can recover files from all types of media (memory cards, USB sticks, digital cameras, hard disks, solid state drive and so on).

You can download Glary File Undelete from