Sync Files Between PC and Android with Cheetah Sync

Every time I come home after my morning walk in the park, my Android smartphone is full of new pictures of flowers, trees, people and other random things that I observe in the morning. The pictures are exquisitely beautiful specially in the winter times when everything is covered with a layer of white snow. But then I have to look for my USB cable, which takes a considerable time as my little Chihuahua dog often runs away with it, so that I can copy the pictures to my notebook computer. I was looking for a way to to transfer the files without the USB cable when I stumbled upon Cheetah Sync. It is an Android app that can sync the selected folders on your computer and smartphone over the WiFi network.

The basic requirement for using the Cheetah Sync is that you need both the PC and the Android device to be connected to the same WiFi network. A simple WiFi router can easily work for this. You also have to install the PC software before you can actually sync the folders. The PC software is available for Windows and Mac. In the PC software configuration, you can choose the WiFi settings, but it is better to leave them untouched.

Cheetah Sync for Android

You have to install Cheetah Sync app in your Android smartphone. If you have not downloaded and installed the Cheetah Sync software for PC, then you can find the link under the Installation section in its Android app.

Cheetah Sync for Android

The first thing you have do in this app is create a new sync job by tapping on Sync Jobs icon. Typically you have to select a source folder and the destination folder and then choose settings like sync direction, job name and more.

Cheetah Sync for Android

Once a sync job is created, it will appear in the Sync Jobs sections. You can select one or more jobs from the list and tap on the Sync Now button. This will start the sync job(s) and start copying files between the PC and the Android device. Since you are using WiFi, you do not have to stand close to your PC, you can stay anywhere in the WiFi coverage area like outside your house, in the park or anywhere else you love to relax.

Cheetah Sync for Android

Conclusion: Cheetah Sync app for Android can sync files between the folders of your PC and your Android smartphone at the click of a button. The sync can also be password protected so that just anybody cannot access your PC through this app. All in all, it is a great app if you have to copy files between your PC and Android smartphone regularly.

You can get Cheetah Sync for Android from

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