Beautify Your Android Smartphone with Red Bull Wallpapers

Everyone wants to use a wallpaper in Android that can make it look sleek and beautiful. We all have different preferences when it comes to selecting a wallpaper for the mobile phone. The wallpaper choice of an individual can vary from religion, wild life, pets, nature, beaches, beautiful girls, family members etc., to using even their own pictures as the wallpapers. The way Android selects the portion of an image for using it as a wallpaper, makes it difficult to find high quality wallpapers on the internet. But if you are into sports, then you can use the free Red Bull Wallpapers app that brings high quality static and live wallpapers related to Red Bull sports to your Android home screen.

The brand known for the energy drink, Red Bull, also sponsors many of the sports ranging from adventure sports, ski sports, winter sports, bike sports, water sports and so on. Their official Red Bull Wallpapers app for Android brings the high quality images related to these sports to your Android screen.

You can look for a wallpaper in this app based on its type – static or live. You can also list the wallpapers based on their popularity or how newer they are. If you like a wallpaper, then select it by tapping on it. The Red Bull app will download it for you and then you will see the usual wallpaper selection screen where you can tap on Set Wallpaper button to set that wallpaper in your Android device.

Red Bull Wallpapers App

If you love more than one of these high quality wallpapers, then you can use the Auto Change feature of Red Bull Wallpapers app. This feature automatically downloads the new wallpapers (both static and live) in the background and sets them on your Android device after regular intervals.

You can also set enable the Auto-change feature from the Red Bull Wallpapers settings. In the settings, you can enable the push notifications from this app as well as use the Daydream feature to set Red Bull Wallpapers as your screensaver.

Red Bull Wallpapers App

Verdict: Red Bull Wallpapers app brings high quality static and live wallpapers for the Android users. If you watch any of the sports sponsored by the Red Bull, then you will surely love this app on your Android device.

You can download Red Bull Wallpapers app from

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