How to Create Boot Animation for Android from Videos

Earlier we write about how you can set a custom boot animation for your Android smartphone. But most of the boot animations available from the internet are not very good and perhaps not to your taste. If you want to have a boot animation in Android that speaks out for what you stand for, then you may have to create a boot animation yourself. Fortunately, you can create a boot animation file for Android smartphones easily using the free tool called Lucky Boot Animator. This tool takes a video file, extracts the image frames and packs them up into an Android boot animation file that you can use following the instructions in this article : how to change boot animations in Android.

Lucky Boot Animator is designed by a developer from the XDA forums and is a completely portable tool. It takes all different types of video files as the input for the boot animation. After launching the Lucky Boot Animator application in Windows, you can open a video file from the File menu bar. This video file shall be played by the small Windows Media Player window on the left. You can play it in there and select the start and end points of the section that you want to use in the boot animation.

Lucky Boot Animator

You can also select the starting and ending frames manually under the Trim section. Boot animation settings like its width or height, its frame rate, and whether you want it to loop can also be set. The output type of the video frames can be set to JPG, PNG or GIF file types – for optimal quality, you should select the JPG file type.

You can choose the output folder for the boot animation files from the menubar – under the “Settings” sub-menu. Finally when you are satisfied with the settings, you can click on the Create Boot Animation! button and it will start the process of extracting the frames and then packing them into You can then copy this file file to your rooted Android smartphone and use the instructions as explained here to set it as your Android device’s boot animation.

Conclusion: It is easy to create your own boot animation file for the Android devices. All you need is a video file and the Lucky Boot Animator program to create your own boot animation files.

You can download Lucky Boot Animator from

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