Automatically Backup Android Camera Shots on OneDrive Cloud Storage

One of the complaints of the smartphone users that is often heard is that they accidentally deleted their pictures and videos that they had taken while on vacation. Although there are several file recovery apps for Android, yet recovering the deleted files from a smartphone often is a lengthy and costly procedure and there is no guarantee that it will be successful. This is why backing up your files regularly is very important. If you want to safeguard your pictures and videos shot through your Android camera, then you can use Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage app for Android. This OneDrive app allows you to automatically backup pictures and videos as soon as they are snapped.

You can follow these simple instructions to setup your OneDrive app to automatically backup the pictures and videos taken through your Android camera:

  1. While in the OneDrive app, press the menu key on your Android smartphone to make the settings menu appear. From this menu, you have to select Settings.OneDrive Camera Backup
  2. On the settings screen, scroll down and you would find an option labeled Camera backup. Tap on this option to open the options related to camera backup.OneDrive Camera Backup
  3. Tap on the flip switch near the top-right corner to turn on the camera backup. You can also turn on the backing up of the videos but it is going to take a longer time to backup the video files as they are larger in size.OneDrive Camera Backup
  4. Now if you snap a picture or record a video using your Android camera, it gets automatically uploaded to your OneDrive account. You can check these camera backup files in the OndDrive app under the Camera Rolls section.OneDrive Camera Backup

Backing up your files is the only way to keep them safe and secure against malware infection, disk corruption or failure, data theft, and other kinds of damage. You can use the OneDrive app to automatically backup your pictures and videos and protect them against such situations.

You can get the OneDrive app for Android from