Set Trendy Ringtones in Android with the Cool Ringtones App

I don’t usually take the bus, but I was forced to take one yesterday when my car just stopped working in the morning. Riding in the bus was an adventure itself. At first I was irritated as there were too many weirdos staring at me, but then they got off the bus and a much younger crowd came in. Some of these young people had very nice ringtones in their phones. These ringtones were not based on any of the songs that I had listened to. So I went ahead and asked them where did they find such cool ringtones. They said, “Cool ringtones”. After some confusion shown by me and their laughs, they told me that it is actually an app named Cool Ringtones for Android that they use for trendy ringtones.

The Cool Ringtones app is the simplest app I have ever come across. After you launch it, it will show you a list of all the ringtones that it has to offer. You can tap on any of these in the list to listen to them. The collection of ringtones has a huge variety of genre, so you will definitely find the one you will love. Personally, I liked the “Honey Bunny” ringtone which is very funny.

Cool Ringtones for Android

If you want to use any of these ringtones, then you have to tap on the small right-arrow shown next to them. This will show you another screen with options to set it as the default ringtone, contact ringtone, notification ringtone, alarm toner etc. You can even set the alarm from this interface as well.

Cool Ringtones for Android

Conclusion: If you want a cool collection of ringtones for your Android smartphone, then you can use the Cool Ringtones app. This app has around forty trendy ringtones of various types that are sure to make you fall in love with them.

You can download Cool Ringtones app from