How to Remove Apps from “My Apps” List in Google Play Store in Android

As everybody already knows that your Android smartphone or tablet is centered around the Google account you add in it. All the activity and information of your one or more Android devices is stored in your Google account – including the apps you have installed, the make and model of your Android devices and more. Even if you uninstall an app from your Android smartphone, it is still listed under the “My Apps” section of Play Store for all the Android smartphones that you ever owned. You would be surprised to find apps in this “My Apps” list from 3-4 years ago, that you installed only for a few minutes and then completely forgot about it.

Anybody who has access to your Android device can view all the apps that you have ever installed in it. So if you have been uninstalling apps to get rid of them thinking that nobody will ever find out about the apps you are using, it is time to think again. But on the other hand, there is really nothing to worry about as this “My Apps” list that holds all the apps installed on your devices can easily be cleaned.

Here is how you can remove past apps from the “My Apps” list in the Google Play Store in your Android device:

  1. Open Google Play Store on your Android smartphone. You should be using the same Google account on your Android phone, from which you want to clear the past apps list
  2. In the Play Store screen, tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines near the top-left corner) to open the Play Store menu. You have to select My apps from this menu.Remove Apps from My Apps List in Play Store
  3. The My Apps screen shows you a list of all the apps currently installed on your Android phone as well as all the past apps that were installed on any device using the same Google account as you are using on this phone/tablet. You have to select to the ALL section to view all the apps that were ever installed through this Google account.Remove Apps from My Apps List in Play Store
  4. Tap on the small cross icon on any app that you want to remove from this list. It will show a prompt asking you whether you really want to remove that app from the “My apps” list. Tapping on OK will remove that app from the list.Remove Apps from My Apps List in Play Store
  5. You have to repeat the same process for all the apps that you want to remove from the “My apps” list.

The “My apps” list in the Google Play Store is actually very useful. Using this list you can easily find out which of the apps you had installed some time ago and install it all over again. If you own multiple Android devices that use the same Google account, then you can use the “My apps” list to easily find and install the same apps easily in all these devices.


  1. Got to be a way to mass remove apps from that list.. Apps from six phones and 4years ago

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