Get Battery Temperature Alerts in Android with Temperature Guard

When I bought my first Android smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S3), it used to get very hot when running graphics intensive apps and games. It used to get so hot, that it was difficult to hold in my hands without wearing any gloves. It is another matter that at that time I was visiting one of my friends in the Victorville, California. We used to cross the Mohave desert almost every day and the temperature there in the month of July is unbearable. But I did not want to lose my new phone to the torturing heat of the Mohave. I thought it would be a good idea if I can get high temperature alerts in Android so that when the temperature crosses a certain limit, I can stop using the smartphone and let it cool off.

The freeware app Temperature Guard allows you to do just that – it keeps a track of the battery temperature using the chip found inside the battery itself and alerts you if the temperature increases beyond 122°F (you can customize this limit). Note that in some of the cheap replacement batteries this chip is not present, and this app will not work with such batteries.

After the installation of the Temperature Guard, it shows the current temperature in the notification bar of your Android phone. It also installs a widget to display the temperature on the Android home screen. In the app itself, it shows the current battery temperature along with the highest, lowest and average temperature values. You can also access the battery temperature history from the app’s menu to see how the temperature varies throughout the day.

Battery Temperature Guard for Android

In the Temperature Guard app settings, you can change the temperature unit (Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin), choose when to display temperature notification (always, only when battery is charging or never), set alert temperature, choose alert sound and pick an app theme (dark or light).

Battery Temperature Guard for Android

Conclusion: If your Android smartphone is heating too much, then Temperature Guard app can help you avoid any damage caused to the phone circuitry or components by the battery heat. It can warn you if the battery temperature reaches a certain alarming level so that you can stop using the smartphone and let it cool off for a while.

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