Securely Erase Sensitive Files in Android with Remo File Eraser

New Android based smartphones that are coming in the market today are very powerful and can easily become a substitute for the traditional desktop computers. You can perform all sorts of tasks on your Android smartphone today that would have forced you to use your desktop computer in the past. As a result more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets for the majority of their computing necessities. But this also means that you are storing sensitive information like online banking passwords, private pictures and videos on your smartphone. Even if you delete these sensitive files, their content or data still remains on the SD card and can be recovered by anyone. In order to protect your private information, you should securely delete your sensitive files in Android using the free Remo File Eraser app.

The Remo File Eraser app can delete your files using the popular secure erasing methods like the US DoD method. These secure erase methods overwrite the file contents multiple times with random garbage data so that the files cannot be recovered after they have been deleted.

In the Remo File Eraser app, you can choose any file or folder to be erased by checking the checkbox next to it. You can also select all the items inside a folder by selecting the checkbox next to the green Erase button. By default it uses the low level erasing method which just fills the file contents with zeros before deleting it. This method is good enough for general files, but for very sensitive files you should choose a better method. Tapping on the green Erase button will initiate the secure file erasing for the selected files.

Remo File Eraser

In order to change the file erasing methods, you can open the Remo File Eraser menu (tap on the three dots near the top edge in the app),  and select Settings from here. In the settings, you can choose one of the three methods – low level (fills with zeros), medium level (fills with random data) and high level (DoD standard).

Remo File Eraser

Conclusion: Remo File Eraser makes it very easy to securely erase your private and sensitive files in Android. It supports three file erasing methods including the US DoD method and performs the secure erasing of files in a matter of seconds.

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