Screen Dimmer Instantly Dims Android Screen

Although Android comes with a setting that allows the brightness of the screen change by detecting the ambient light level in the place where you are using your Android phone. But this means that the brightness of the screen will increase in dark places. Sudden burst in brightness increases the pressure in your eyes and can cause headache. You can lower the screen brightness through the Android settings, but a much more practical solution is to use the Screen Dimmer app which instantly dims the Android screen and makes it easy for you to use the screen especially at night time or in dark places. If you have an Android device with amoled screen, then you can also improve the battery life by using the Screen Dimmer.

The Screen Dimmer app is very easy to use. After the installation, you can launch the app, choose the opacity level of the screen and then touch the Start button to dim your Android screen. You can choose the opacity from 0 to 90% as per your desire. You can also schedule the screen dimmer to automatically dim your screen everyday in a particular time range. Scheduling is useful if you have to use the Android device in a dark environment on a regular basis and you want to dim the screen to reduce the stress on your eyes.

Screen Dimmer for Android

In the settings for the Screen Dimmer app, you can choose to use the minimum screen brightness, disable the button back light (for the bottom three buttons in Android devices), and allow greater opacity than 90%. Using an opacity greater than 90% is not recommended as it figuratively makes the screen dark.

Conclusion: The Screen Dimmer app instantly dims your Android screen and is very useful to reduce the stress in your eyes that can be caused by the bright screen of Android devices. It can also be scheduled to automatically dim the screen within a time range everyday.

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